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HippoEDIT 1.61.56
HippoEDIT is Windows text editor for programmers and power users. One can use it as full-featured IDE with the support of projects, external tools, and auto-completion, or as simple source code viewer for web browsers and shell. With HippoEDIT, you can open large log files, view and edit Unicode texts, open files in a different encoding and line break styles. The editor has syntax highlighting and code outlining support for many programming languages, plugins extending the editor with new functionality (FTP Explorer, File Explorer, Spell Checker, Emmet and JS Beautifier, HTML Tools, XML Pretty Print, Live Colors etc.) and color schemes. HippoEDIT has many unique features that you will not find in other editors, which may speed up and simplify your work. Such as Hierarchy and Navigation bar, Colored Braces and Guides, inline color and image previewers, Intelligent Smart Highlight, Code Hints, Fuzzy search, User Text Highlighting, MultiClipboard, and Workspaces etc.

Hersteller: HippoEDIT
Größe: 9.2 MB
System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10
Preis: $48.89

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